Zee World: Wednesday on King of Hearts

Simran insults Roshni’s character before the entire guests who had come for the celebration of Roshni’s victory in the competition. Simran pushes Roshni asking her to leave the home. Amidst these misunderstandings, Simran and Raj also disclose the biggest truth that they were hiding from Biji about the court’s order asking Roshni and Siddharth to stay together for three months. Roshni’s grandmother tries to defend her but the blame that’s struck on Roshni makes everyone blind. Roshni tells her grandmother that she would not leave this home until Siddharth arrives.

Siddharth devises a plan where he pours water on the washroom floor and sends a man and woman at the same time to fresh themselves up. Leading to the slippery floor, the man and the woman fall down on each other and start shouting. The guests rush towards the washroom and find the man with another woman. Siddharth devises all these plans to open the people’s eyes who believe in what they see and speculate things the other way.

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