Zee World: Friday Highlight On Twist Of Fate

Dadi is thinking of how to talk to Pragya and thinks may be it is Abhi’s misunderstanding. She thinks I can’t be wrong, but if it is true then……Akash comes and tells her that Rachna called and told him that Pragya’s mother has suffered a sudden heart attack. Daadi gets shocked. Abhi hears it too. Akash tells her that she is in hospital. Daadi calls Pragya. Abhi thinks how to tell Daadi that Pragya have left. Aaliya tells her that Pragya left. Abhi tells her that she went to meet her mother. Aaliya asks, why aren’t you informing Daadi. Daadi asks him to come with her. Pragya comes to the hospital and recalls her moments with mother. She gets emotional. She kisses her mother on her forehead. Suresh looks on sadly. Pragya cries unable to see her state. Suresh thinks to console her but stops himself. Pragya asks him, how did it happen. Suresh tells her everything. Pragya cries. Beeji and Purvi comes inside. Meanwhile, the doctor informs them that Sarla has to go through an operation and hearing him everybody gets shocked and worried. Pragya asks, whether she will be fine. The doctor says, they have informed the senior doctor and have to wait until he comes. Abhi and Daadi come there. Abhi thinks I have to see Pragya again. I don’t want to see her. I have broken relation with her. I came here for Daadi and not for anyone else. Later, Pragya sees him and immediately rushes to hugs him. Abhi holds her while consoling her. Pragya tells him that she is very worried about her mother. Abhi assures her that nothing will happen to her. Daadi and Beeji see them hugging. Abhi gets tears in his eyes. Daadi asks Beeji about Sarla’s condition. Beeji tells her that the doctor said that she needs to be operated. Daadi tells Pragya that everything will be fine. Abhi thinks I don’t want to see her, but hugged her. Beeji tells Daadi that Sarla is worried about her daughters. She apologizes to Daadi. Daadi asks her not to apologize that Sarla’s health is important now. Suresh tells her that he is going to bring medicines. Daadi blesses him. Suresh tells her that I can do anything for aunty.

Aaliya asks Tanu, what’s wrong with her. Tanu says, I am tensed. I thought Abhi won’t see her face but went to the hospital. Aaliya tells her that Abhi will stick to his decision. Tanu says, I trusts Abhi but not Pragya. Aaliya says, everything is going as per the plan and the credit goes to you. This time that Pragya can’t think of doing anything else her maa her mother will get death stroke this time. Later, Pragya asks Beeji, how did it happen? Maa was worried. Beeji tells her that Sarla was worried about her. She called her and Tanu picked the call. She informs Pragya what Tanu had told her mother on phone and she blamed you for Aaliya and Purabh’s broken alliance. Pragya is shocked. She gets furious and decides to speak to Tanu and tells Beeji Daadi that she will be back and leaves the hospital.

Purabh looks at Bulbul and thinks to change her anger into love. He gets up and starts acting like talking to his girlfriend. Bulbul says, no one is here. Purabh asks her to give him a hug. Bulbul looks on angrily. Purabh tells her about his dream house and kids name. Bulbul suggests some other names. Purabh says, he will decide his kids name along with his girlfriend.

Tanu wonders why Abhi didn’t come till now. Aaliya asks her to relax. The door bell rings. Aaliya asks her to hide upstairs and goes to open the door. She gets surprised to see Pragya standing in front of the door. Aaliya asks, how dare you come to this house. She stops her. Pragya tells her that she has right on the house. She goes inside. Aaliya tries to stop her. Tanu comes out seeing her. She asks, aren’t you done with your insult. Aaliya asks her to leave else they will throw her out. Tanu says, she will settle the scores with her and they both decide to teach Pragya a lesson, but both of them get a huge shock when Pragya slaps Tanu. Pragya looks angrily at her. Aaliya asks, how dare you? Pragya asks her not to come in between. She says I knows how to give a fitting reply to you. I don’t want to do that. She accuses her for playing with her mother’s life. She says, you can’t understand a person’s emotions. She reminds her that she don’t feel shame to come to her house and calls her shameless to live in someone else house. She reminds her that Abhi is her husband. She tells Tanu that your relation with Abhi is illegitimate. Pragya remind Tanu that her relation with Abhi is illegimate. She tells her that she is legally married to Abhi and their relation is respected in society. Tanu is shocked. She says, I heard your taunts but I won’t keep quiet if anything happens to my mother or any of my family members. She threatens her against giving them information about what is going on in the house. Tanu gets shocked. Mitali comes and says she heard Pragya saying something to them. Aaliya asks her to go and sleep. Mitali says, you should have fight outside. Tanu asks her to leave her alone. Mitali thinks something is there in Pragya and decides she will become like her. She says, she won’t leave them. Aaliya says, our problem is you. Leave us alone. Mitali agrees to leave. She thinks she is not getting the house information. Something is brewing between them and decides to find out.

Beeji asks the doctor when will the operation start. The doctor says, they are waiting for the senior doctor. Suresh gets angry on him and asks him to call the senior doctor immediately. He takes his number and calls him. The senior doctor doesn’t pick his call. Suresh asks the doctor to give him his home address. The doctor asks a nurse to bring his visiting card. Suresh assures Beeji that he will get the doctor anyhow. Suresh leaves. Beeji cries.

Purvi tells Abhi that she had never seen her like this. Abhi goes to Beeji and consoles her saying you are my rockstar Daadi. He asks her not to cry. He gets angry and calls the doctor and nurses. He scolds them and tells them that the woman inside is like her mother and gives them 10 minutes to call the senior doctor that the operation should start in 10 minutes and asks them to go. Pragya is touched by his words as well as pleased when Abhi calls her mother ( Sarla ) his mother figure and looks on surprised. Beeji tells Pragya that Abhi is like a son to Sarla. Pragya looks on. The doctor comes and apologizes to Abhi. He wears the gown and goes to operate on Sarla.

Pragya later goes to Abhi but Abhi continues to be furious with her and asks her not to look at him that your magic will not work on me. Your eyes, talks will have no effect on me. I did this for your Daadi. I can’t see her in pain. Pragya says, you did a favour for me today. Abhi says, your life can’t change just like you change my thinking. You can’t come to my house and life. Pragya says, I know how much you hates me. Abhi says, I came here for humanity and I will remember our enmity. Pragya says, I will remember your enmity and favour. Abhi leaves. He thinks why he gets emotional and helpless in front of her. He decides to forget everything.

Purabh asks Bulbul to let go of her anger. Bulbul says, I don’t love you. Purabh asks her to proof that she don’t love him. Bulbul says, she can’t. Purabh asks her to proof it. He says, you sent to Aaliya. Was everything a lie. Bulbul says, everything was a lie. Purabh says, I thought you loves me but you don’t loves me. I thought to live in your memories. Now I can’t live nor die. How to forget everything. How to forget the love which I did. The mistake is mine, I will take out my eyes which loves you. He goes to pick something.

Purvi decides to inform Bulbul and thinks of calling on Purabh’s number. She asks Pragya to give her her phone. Purabh tells her good bye and is about to harm his eyes, Bulbul stops him. Purabh says, I can’t see your hatred. This is my decision. Bulbul asks him to listen to her. Just then his phone rings. Bulbul picks the call. Purvi informs her about her mother suffered a heart attack and asks her to come fast. Bulbul gets shocked, she is in tears and breaks down. She cries and tells Purabh. Purabh is shocked.

Meanwhile, Tanu tells Aaliya that I won’t leave her. She slapped me. Aaliya says, she slapped me and not you. She asks her not to do anything to open the doors to Pragya. She says, we are going to the hospital in order to influence Daadi against her. Tanu says, she will make Abhi slap Pragya.

Daadi sees Purvi crying and consoles her. Abhi comes. Daadi tells him that you are fulfilling your duty. Abhi says, she is taking revenge. It was her duty to bring happiness in the house, but she gave us pain. I just hate her. Daadi feels bad. Abhi goes to Beeji. Pragya hears Abhi talking to Daadi. Daadi hugs her and assures that everything will be fine. Suresh comes back and says he went to the doctor’s house but he was not there. We shall shift Aunty to some other hospital. Pragya informs him that the operation have started and gives the credit to Abhi. She thanks Suresh for his help. A nurse comes and asks them to meet Sarla. Suresh and Pragya go inside.

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