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You Have No Idea How Much This Info Will Help YOU Choose Your Career path; PT 2

Another thing is the Univeristy is not meant for everyone, there are others who are good with the technical stuff (technical schools), some are good with taking care of people and want to be nurses (nursing schools) and the likes of it. Just like this true story; A mother was worried about one of her kids who wasn’t doing well in his secondary school but managed to graduate, his results wasn’t good enough to get admitted into the univerisity. Most of the universities rejected him and his other siblings are really doing very well in their various universities which gave the mum a cause to worry. She was eventually advised to take her son to a technical school because he loves to work with computers. Well, he finally got admitted into one and Lo, he became the best student in his class and also got offers to intern with some very good IT companies and IT departments in some non-tech companies.
You just need to figure out what you can do best and what suits you, Some people are very good with practicals and slow when it comes to the theoritical aspect. You know yourself, you know what you can do and what you are best at, why not work on your strong points and fall under the category that suits you rather than sitting back at home and blaming the university for not giving you admission.
Always do more research, ask yourself what your long term goals are in terms of finances, personal satifaction / development, career growth and your expectations in life,,. You just need to keep yourself informed and always ask questions. Like the saying goes; ‘People who ask questions never get lost’. I don‘t mean the type where before you know it, they have jazzed you. Lol. #justkidding# I mean in your school/work environment or any gathering you find people that you think can give you useful and relevant information or advice. There are always people that are more experienced for you to learn from or better at things that are of interest to you that you can get more insight from. Everyone has different experiences and ways of solving matters, reading patterns and so on. Iron sharpeneth iron. I’m sure we all want to be our own Boss someday, it is not a day’s job. You have to work for it. 
Be your best in whatever choice you decide to make.

*winks* E.A.

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