Women, Your Secret Is Out!!! Find Out Why They Cheat…

Why do women Cheat??? That’s a huge one but to be honest everyone the reason some women cheat is;

1.They are very loose women. 
2. They seek attention,love and intimacy from their partners which they ain’t getting. 
3. Women would only cheat if their emotions are involved. Unlike the men who cheat just to have “Sex”… 

Women are very simple to understand if they are listened to, I’m not saying women are perfect, Naaah, but before a woman cheats on her partner or husband or bf she must have complained a million times of things she needs and dosen’t get from you, the partner. 

Women are easy but difficult.. all they need is Simple: Affection, love, Communication and trust me, they are all yours bowing at anything and everything you need. Women have little brains, LOLZZZ, unlike the men. They only want to be secure and know you got them in all things. They like to be pampered. 

I know some men who would say; Oh please! I don’t have the time to pamper a woman. I have better things to do. Tell me why were you created before the women? Why did God put a woman under a man? Some men may say ” to bear children, cook and clean and worship them men. But the answer is, NO. Women were created to keep the men company. 

Hell, yea, these days we have got so advanced that women also work and do all the things men do, but HEY they need love and affection and when that isn’t offered to them and someone else offers that “you don’t blame them if they look that way init? Just like it’s the men’s DNA to cheat cos they have to… the women deserve attention,love and care… 

Common guys, rather than jump around with other women buying gifts and singing ur love songs to their ears. Why not spend all that time loving and showing how much u care to; ur Wife,GF or Partner?? Women require just less. Why not give them that and be a happy man all ur life, cos trust me a good woman whom u show love and affection and protect her, would go to the end of the end for you, except as I said earlier a loose woman.  Have a good day everyone..

By ##chidazzle Diaries..#Angel Akuezuilo ##Mrs.

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