With What God Has Been Revealing, Things Will Change With Buhari- Prophet Julius Kumoluyi

The General Overseer of Word Bible Church, Prophet Julius Kumoluyi, has said God brought President Muhammadu Buhari, to save Nigeria from collapse and wanton looting of the treasury.

Blaming the current economic crisis on the mismanagement of the nation’s wealth by previous government, he said without the emergence of Buhari, the economic situation in the country would have been worse.
Kumoluyi spoke in his hometown, Igbara Odo in Ekiti State, during the monthly revival programme of the church.
He said, “I believe strongly in my heart that it is God who wants to save us from the wanton looting of our treasury that allowed President Muhammadu Buhari to be elected now.
“Truth is that we have never had it so bad in this country and that is why the President is gathering the looted funds so he can use them for the masses.”
The cleric urged Nigerians to disregard politicians encouraging disunity in the country and those criticisng the fight against corruption.
“The criticism he is facing in this fight against corruption is because those he is battling are not happy. And you don’t expect them to be because there is nobody in this world that would be happy with you when he knows you want to block the means from which he is benefitting.
“What I think the President is doing right now is battling corruption. Many are saying that he has only been concentrating on corruption and left other aspects,  but when you look at it, you’ll find out that no President in Nigeria has ever tackled corruption like he is doing now. He has been able to go to the roots of everything.
“Imagine that they have been enjoying all these loot all these years and nobody has challenged them until now. I pray that he would be able to use the money in a way that would satisfy all Nigerians.
“With what God has been revealing, things will change. For everything that would be pleasant, it must have a rough begininng. All the challenges we are facing in Nigeria today, the economic recession and all that would soon be over and Nigerians would smile.”

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