Donald Trump’s 100 Days Plan In Office

US president-elect, Donald Trump, 70, hopes to ‘Make America Great Again’ — but what are his methods? Here’s a breakdown of all the President-elect’s plans now that he’s been voted into the Oval Office. They will shock you!

Donald’s 100 Days Plan primarily brushes on the workforce, economy, immigration, and the environment — but is it all good news for America? See the breakdown below…

1) Donald wants to create more jobs for people working in public safety, public health, and the military, but will FREEZE the hiring process of other federal employees.

2) The President-elect supports fracking (the process of drilling down into the earth) to retrieve shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. This sounds like a good idea, except it’s detrimental to our environment. It requires tons of water, and dangerous chemicals used may escape into the air we breathe.

3) He will CANCEL billion dollar payments to United Nation’s climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and infrastructure. He doesn’t believe in global warming, guys. No bueno.

4) Donald will begin removing (AKA deporting) the estimated 2 million illegal immigrants who live in the US. If their native country refuses to take them back, Donald will cancel visas to those foreign countries.

5) The business mogul will suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting in not safe. Vetting is the process of performing background checks on someone before employing them. This is an extremely slippery slope, because how do you define a “terror-prone” country? What are the ground rules?

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