Why Do Men Cheat? How To Know If Your Man Is Cheating…

Was asked these questions, and it was something I thought to share.

Lets take it like this, Men Cheat for various reasons: 

Because they feel they can and get away with it .

They might not be happy in their relationships and Marriages so they seek solace elsewhere. 
Men would always cheat because it’s in their DNA to have more Sexual activities.
When men cheat, sometimes they do just for sex and not emotional attachments: Women who cheat do for emotional attachment. 
Men Cheat just for excuses like; to test other waters, to learn new tricks which they find in porn movies or mayb tricks taught by the women they have cheated with. 
Men Cheat cos they love to explore other options. One woman isn’t enough for them, they can’t imagine doing the same woman over and over again… 

Let’s take a look at How to know if your Man is Cheating:

When your husband or partner is in the shower and his phone rings, he runs through the glass of the shower to answer it or grab the phone….Girl that’s a Sign…. 

If he sleeps with his cellphone doctored to a style.. damn that’s a sign..
If he changes in his attitude towards u or care less about you and your needs especially intimate needs that’s a HUGE sign..
If he moans at everything and anything you do. If he sees everything wrong in all u do, GIRL he is doing another woman and has taken his attention towards that direction.

When you notice new moves and grand new tricks when intimate with him, that’s an important sign you can’t miss . You see men ain’t that good with keeping up appearances even when they feel they are good at it. They have to go practice these things, they can’t just bring it home to their wives or gf witout practice. 

Men give themselves away unintentional, women don’t need to look for answers for a cheating man because they lay it out for you on the table witout knowing. 
One favorite line of a cheating man to his wife or patner is “baby I love you, am tired and stressed out from work that’s why our sex life is bad. Oh baby! you don’t try to accommodate me, even when you know how tensed things are at the moment with family, finance and all. 

The best part of men is, when they firgue out their women is getting attention from other men they begin to act all defensive.. Every cheating scores a 100% in been defensive all the time, no matter when caught in the act. 

The thing is Men would always cheat, no matter how loving you are to them and no matter the sacrifice you make for them. It’s a special DNA of men,, okay let me be fair. Men that are disciplined won’t cheat on you, they would respect their women and love and communicate.. **Winks**. See more of you all. 

By ##Chidazzle Diaries. #Angel Akuezuilo##Mrs.

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