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Our underarm aka arm-pit is one of the areas of our body that we are most conscious of. The thought of it either smelling (which can be a disgusting feeling) or looking like an old mans feet is something that makes us shiver. Because we raise our arms a lot especially when we wear sleeveless outfits making sure that it looks great is very important.

The glamour that comes with the effect of sleeveless tops and dresses can be ruined by dark underarms, you could say they are a little worse than hairy armpits. Many women are know to battle with hyper-pigmentation which is caused by skin irritation from repeated shaving.


Some of us cannot afford the laxer treatment while some of those who can afford it are told about the possible reactions and they skedaddle as fast as their legs can carry them but yet the problem is still tantamount and it needs to be addressed. This situation makes us really conscious and so until we find a solution raising our hands can only be done in the confines of our bedroom.

There have been different articles on how to solve this problem but am sure we’ve been to lazy to go through any. Well here’s a video instead, we all love YouTube videos, therefore a video on how to clear your underarm naturally and permanently is a great deal. Beauty vlogger JeNeevaLove has a fabulous remedy for getting rid of the darkness in our armpits and whats more exciting is the fact that you can find the items she uses in your kitchen. Note that this solution can also be used for dark inner thighs and elbows.Watch!!

Source: JeNeevaLove YouTube team

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