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Want To Study In The UK For Free? Commonwealth Scholarship Is Open To All Nigerian Citizens.

The commonwealth scholarship scheme for 2016 admission is open to all Nigerian Citizens interested in studying in the UK at the graduate level (Masters and PHD) for FREE. The application is open till the 19th of November, 2015 which means all applications should have been submitted before midnight on that day.

It is not too late to get an admission in the UK, if you don’t have any yet. It takes about two to three weeks for some Universities. While waiting to secure an admission from the university, start gathering the documents required for the scholarship application to avoid missing the deadline.

This is an opportunity to get that foreign degree you have always wanted and wished for, but due to financial constraints, you are unable to embark on such a journey.  Go get that experience that will change a whole lot about your career in a positive way.

Some of the benefits of the scholarship includes;

A return ticket from your home country to the UK for the duration of your program. If you wish to travel within that period, you will have to bear the cost (Master’s students only).  PHD students can get an allowance to travel at a certain period of time during the program.

Tuition fees and other related costs during the program will be covered by the bodies in charge, including all travel costs related to the program within and outside the UK.

An allowance which is also known as a Stipend is included. It will cover all living costs including housing, transportation, feeding… The amount varies for students going to study in London Metropolitan and those studying outside those areas.

There are other allowances included as well, especially for PHD students who are going to stay for a longer period during the course of the program.

All the costs related to the program is fully covered. All you have to do is Apply…

For more detailed information, open the link provided below:

All the best!!! There is no harm in trying…

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