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Walk Of Shame

These days’ people get married open to the possibility that it may not work. I was on with a lady who confessed that she saw divorce as her way out before saying yes. Curiosity prompted me to ask her why she married him despite knowing the marriage could fade before it began. She simply answered,

“He had everything I wanted and one thing I hated. What I hated about him was reason enough for me to walk away but I was hoping he would change. It was either persevering or settling for less.”

I figured it out immediately, whatever she hated about him was probably a habit he couldn’t stop. She knew this and said yes to him hoping she will cope.  If not she gets a divorce and moves on to another. I was blunt enough to ask her how it feels to know she wasted her time. I could sense the disappointment in her teary voice as she described the mental pressure she experienced from having to watch her friends get married to her folks strongly teasing her that her younger sister is married.

“Is your sister happily married?” I inquired,

“Yes, with two kids.”

I probed further, “Now that you are so close to getting a divorce, what do you think your parents will think of or say to you?”

She didn’t give a hoot!

“Will this divorce reduce the mental pressure you talked about?”

She remained clueless. I made her realize the biggest mistake she made was allowing pressure consume her.

In like manner a lot of us walk into relationships just for the fun of it; with an ultimate aim of achieving nothing. Why should you do that which you are not prepared for except you are willing to fail? Some say it’s testing the waters to have a good knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. Quit deceiving yourselves, you will never find yourself with the wrong person. The insecurities and irrelevances of such union will overwhelm its purpose because you are simply passing time.

Irrespective of what people say or think about your relationship status, you will be the one responsible for your choice. You can be too old for marriage but you can’t be too old for happiness. Date someone you can marry and work towards it.

The lady told me her husband’s weakness, no matter how good the sex is he ends masturbating. She saw fire and walked right into it.


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