Tips On How To Plate Your Food

How your food looks on a plate is an important factor to consider when serving a meal. Your next meal should not look like there is a battle going on in your plate.

Tips to guide you:

1. Use a plain white plate to serve your meals when in doubt. White plates create a contrast when paired with other colors which means that your food will remain the main focus.

2. keep the edges of your plate clean by wiping away stray crumbs or dribbles of sauces.

3. Don’t heap too much food on a plate at once. Take it a little at a time.

4. Be creative about your food layout. Use a clock layout when choosing the placement of the three basic elements to a dish: protein, carbohydrate and vegetables. Place carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, etc at your 11 o’clock, vegetables at your 2 o’clock and proteins such as meat at your 6 o’clock.

5. Things look generally more interesting when they are in sets of odd numbers rather than even numbers. Groupings of 3, 5, 7 or 9 are naturally more appealing to the eye. For e.g. 3 pieces of chopped meat on a plate will look better than 2 pieces of chopped meat.

6. Size and shape of your plate matters a lot in the final outcome and that is where your creativity comes into play. Ensure that your serving plates are big enough to let each food item stand out and small enough that the portions don’t look too tiny.

7. Play with height. It is good to have a little bit of height but please don’t over do it. Height helps draw the eye up and towards the focal point of a dish.

8. Garnish purposefully. Don’t loose sight of the recipe you made by adding garnishes that do not relate with the dish made.

All garnishes on a plate should be edible and should enhance the flavor and look of the dish. Whether you are cooking for family and friends or catering at a big event, how you plate your meals is an important art that involves a careful balance of creativity, strategy and cleanliness.

Your plating style is unique to you so let your imagination do the magic but always remember to keep it simple and stylish and that way your meals come out classy.

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