Tips On How A 2.2 Can Still Get A Good Job

I recall someone crying when we were still at the university because she graduated with a 2.2 after she worked so hard to have a 2.1 at least, and her reason was because, she doesn’t have anyone with connections to help her secure a job, and her grade was all she had to get a job. It is really so sad when we think about the unemployment rate in Nigeria, that is why most graduates tend to go into the entrepreneurial direction and forget about the hassles of looking for a job.
Most of us with 2.2 feel we cannot get the dream job we desire, yeah, no doubt, there is a truth in it, but it is not the end of your career aspirations. Sometimes, when I see some job adverts, I laugh at the requirements; some employers include the grade in which you are eligible to apply for the job which is normal for some big companies, some include the number of work experience for entry-level positions, the age group is another thing on its own, and so many others… In a country like Nigeria, how can someone possibly achieve most or all of these requirements, when the rate of unemployment is nothing to write home about. Some employers look at your experience and how well you can defend what is on your CV/Resume, not what the paper says.
If you are satisfied with your choice of program at the university and graduated with a 2.2 and really would love to get a job with it, then you have to show that you have something else to offer… Well, here are some tips to boost your confidence and get a good job. For the entrepreneurs, more power to your elbow…
  • You have to acquire more knowledge and skills relevant to your field of study. Look for professional courses online related to your field, it’s going to be an added advantage that will boost your career. There are lots of free courses online, if you do not have the funds to register in an institution.
  • Most of us made the mistake of going for professional courses that were booming at that time, whether we need it or not. Just because we hear, this is the reigning marketable professional course, we hurry to go do it and at the end of the day, it becomes an added line on the CV/Resume which is not a bad idea, like they say no knowledge is wasted. But you also have to choose wisely!
  • You have to look for jobs that do not explicitly say the employers want a 2.1 or higher for the job role. Though there are some job vacancies that also state the employers want a 2.1 but with some flexibility to it by adding some qualifications or work experiences for those with a 2.2.
  • Start from somewhere; don’t just look at the present or what you stand to benefit now. Most of us look at the pay and forget about the experience we are going to gain when we finally get a job offer. Relevant work experience in your field is very important and also an added advantage and also, a stepping stone in getting a better job in the future. Smaller companies are often less bothered about your grades and may, in fact, offer the chance to gain a wider range of experience and responsibility more quickly.
  • If you can afford it, try to do an upgrade by going for a top-up, postgraduate diploma or master’s depending on your choice. Because some universities require you to have a 2.1 before applying for some specific master’s programs directly, in this case a postgraduate diploma is your best bet.
  • Let your Cover Letter and CV/Resume speak quality and not volume. Research, research, research…
  • Register on Jobberman, Joblanda, linkedin and other job advert sites to search for jobs and receive job alerts. You can also drop your CVs/Resume in a company at the reception desk especially when you hear they are recruiting, you never know, they might need someone with your qualifications and experience at that point in time.
  • Apply! Apply!! Apply for as many jobs as you can especially the vacancies relevant to your course of study, knowledge gained and your skills, at least one of the applications made will surely click.
  • After applying for a job, try to follow up. It sometimes shows how serious and dedicated you are to work for the company.
Just like Isherwood said, “I would never say to a graduate it’s going to be easy, but the likelihood is that even if you have a lower degree, there is still going to be a good job out there for you,”
All the best!!!
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