Our bodies are bound to change. Yes! There are a lot of changes to adjust to as you get older. Your metabolism slows down, those dreaded gray hairs pop up, and hangovers become an all-day event. For instance, when it comes to maturing, you already know what products to buy and what tips to try, but do you know what mistakes you’ve been making? With a few simple tweaks to your makeup or beauty routine, you’ll feel and look as fresh as you did as a child. The following makeup mistakes will make you look older;

1. Wearing the wrong powder:

Of course, the whole point of dusting on powder is to decrease shine, but is the product you are using highlighting your flaws? Try looking for that HD formula: the micro-fine particles won’t settle into  fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.


2. Wearing too much black eyeliner:

Although you may have rocked the raccoon look in your youth, but now it’s time to put away the liquid liner and forgo the aggressive water lining. That harsh hue is drawing attention to your crows’ feet. If you can’t give up lower liner, consider a softer shade like charcoal or chocolate.



3. Wearing glittery eye shadow:

Using frosty, glittery shadow formulas will draw attention to sagging eyelids, fine lines, dark circles. The list goes on thus, stick to satin or silky matte shades instead.

glittering eyeshadow

4. Failing to fill in brows:

Yes! Due to years of over-plucking or just general aging, your brows probably channel more than they do before. Look more youthful by faking fuller arches with one of the eyebrow filling products.

Eyebrow filler

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