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The Sweetest Word You Can Tell Her During Sex

Yesterday, we covered on dirty words that a lady can say to a guy that will have incredibly good exciting feelings for the guy. These words are said to make the sex more exciting, to lead her into a deeper trance of the sweet sex.

My Bitch

This is quite tricky and it might require the strongest of us come out of this unscathed. If you’ve got an adventurous chic, then it’s no problem but if she is conservative, it might more difficult to pull off. One idea might be the way you call it, use finesse in calling it, you should probably say it the same way you say “darling” or “baby”.


This is quite interesting especially for the people who are into BDSM, this relinquishes the power during the sex to her, this makes her more powerful and can be a very huge turn-on for her.

This Feels so good

Feedback during sex is very key, providing the platform for better sex. When you utter such words like “This feels so good”, the lady knows you’re enjoying what she is doing, saying this in a sexy way says she is you a lot of pleasure.

You’re so gorgeous

It doesn’t sound like a dirty line but during sex, it can be. When you’re having sex in intimate sexual position, it can become a dirty line because you’re staring at her, admiring her and telling her that, as much as it turns her on, it can also be very effective for the guy as well.

“Do you want more? I’ll give you more”

This sounds very corny, it just means you’re ready to satisfy her, make her cum more times than usual. So be sure you’re duly equipped for that session, this is a soft pointer that you’re ready to pull an all-nighter on her. So, be prepared.

Talking dirty is a lot of fun but one thing is important as the talking, and it’s the tone of the talk. It has to be loving not demeaning unless the lady has asked for it to be the other way round, some ladies like it rough even in speech as well.

Be mindful of your tone while saying these words.

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