The Perfect Way To Get Rid Of Large pores {Jackie Aina}

Open or large pores are natural skin problems that when not minimized or closed give makeup an untidy finish.

Large pores are usually a result of excess sebum or oil production in the body leaving the pores open thus prone to blemishes and other breakouts/skin issues. Large and open pores are usually visible and untidy and when makeup is applied without minimizing them, the whole look comes out unflattering and funny.

Jackie AinaJackie Aina

Open pores affect the skin’s natural texture and makes it even more prone to infection which causes infection/blemishes so apart from making sure makeup glide on smoothly and fine, it’s also great to minimize large pores to keep the skin away from breakouts and blemishes.

Jackie Aina shares how to minimize large pores in super easy steps and it’s a must try out!

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