The Craze Of It All Now Is That Women Dress For Women

Should your dress sense be a personal thing? Being comfortable, well-dressed, buying clothes that fits and having self confidence about your style, to me is what I think matters the most. Yea, and the way people see you too also matters. But it shouldn’t be based on competition or trying to feel among your friends or putting yourself under peer pressure about how they would look at you and what they will say as well. Like some people would say; if someone tells you how cheap you look, you should ask them to buy you the expensive clothes. And trust me, when they hear that, they will give you that ‘na you sabi, I be your boyfriend?’ kinda look. Like the boyfriend is her bank account. Lol.

With all the fashion craze going all around social media, some ladies go around doing stuff that they wouldn’t do normally but all in the name of trying to stay and keep remaining at the top, cos it is one thing to get there and another thing to maintain such status. They go through a whole lot unimaginable just to be able to afford that Hermes bag, Gucci shoes, Valentino dress, Mac make up kit (I don’t know if there are other brands more expensive than MAC or Blackup in Nigeria), and the almighty natural human hair weave, just to feel among and blend in. That is not all there is to life, if you cannot afford them, kindly buy the ones you can. There are also some ladies out there who can afford it but decide to spend their money on more important things by helping their families or spend more in building their future or other things that are more of a priority to them than having to spend so much on very expensive designer clothes. The paradox of keeping up appearances by accumulating debt is one that might be familiar to many as well and is directly linked to how our spending habits can negatively affect our ability to save and increase our wealth. So many ladies are willing to invest in fashion over financial products.

The truth is we are all defined by the way we appear or look. If you are able to afford all the expensive and high quality stuff without fuss, fine, but if you can’t, my sister, go for what you can afford and feel comfortable in it. Some girls talk about how cheap other girls look which I think it is not appropriate. Like they say all fingers are not equal. You have to cut your material according to your size.

Do u have the intention of wearing any cloth you buy all your life? 99% is No. The way you rock your clothes matters a lot even if it’s made from Aba (one of the made in Nigeria brands). Some clothes might be cheap and look it but the way you take care of them and wear them is what determines how the outcome is going to look like. It’s always good to try to mix them with good and quality outfits as well. Everyone should be able to define their style and rock their wears like each one is the most expensive you‘ve ever bought. If you cannot afford to buy luxurious clothing and accessories, don’t work yourself up. Buy what you can and you will be amazed at how you are going to turn out when dressed up. Dress to be remembered and not to be simply noticed. Dress well for the right occassion.

Boost your confidence girl!!! You are a true definition of beauty; you just have to bring it out from the inside.

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