The Cara Project To Explore The World Of Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is again getting the world’s attention, though much of it may be unwanted by the actress and model. When a British tabloid alleged that Delevingne had been fired by Victoria’s Secret over recent weight gain, all eyes were cast on Cara, hoping to get some kind of statement spilling the truth of the matter. Ms. Delevingne wasn’t alone in firing back at the tabloid. Victoria’s Secret also issued a statement denying the assertions and inviting Cara back for another go on their runway.

Meanwhile a new documentary, The Cara Project, promises an ambitious scope in telling the story of Delevingne’s life, claiming to deliver the goods on the super secret and private lifestyle of this one supermodel, actress, and celebrity.

Victoria’s Secret Did Not Body Shame Cara Delevingne

The trouble started for Ms. Delevingne when, as People shares, a British tabloid, The Sun, declared that Victoria’s Secret fired Cara for being too “bloated” to model their line of apparel in a 2014 fashion show. Although she didn’t model for Victoria’s Secret that year, Delevingne had previously modeled for the company through the previous two years.

While Delevingne hasn’t issued an official statement to refute The Sun‘s claims, she shared a picture of a letter she received from Edward Razek, Victoria’s Secret CMO. Razek is also in charge of organizing the company’s fashion shows. He denies the claims that Cara was fired over her weight in the letter, which Delevingne shared on Instagram.

“It’s shameless to discuss women’s bodies just to sell papers #bloated,” Delevingne captioned the image of the letter.

“Contrary to the Sun‘s claims, which they never bothered to fact check with me, Victoria’s Secret made every effort to have you in the London show. I know, because I was the one making the effort,” the Victoria’s Secret CMO writes. “As a matter of fact, you were the first person invited, months ahead of anyone else.”

Edward further remarks that Cara’s absence was her own choice because her acting schedule made her unavailable for the 2014 show. Closing the letter, Razek invited Cara back for this year’s fashion show, adding that Delevingne wouldn’t have to participate in a casting call.

The Cara Project Digs Deep Into The Life Of Cara Delevingne

It seems The Cara Project, the documentary film based on the life and career of Ms. Delevingne, now has a distributor, which means it won’t be long before Delevingne’s fans can look deep into the life of their favorite model. Although it’s not known exactly what areas of Delevingne’s life will be exposed in The Cara Project, Vogue has a few ideas.

Certainly, some attention will have to be given to Cara’s efforts in establishing a film career. While she rose to fame as a model, heading up campaigns for the likes of Burberry and Chanel, Ms. Delevingne never hid the secret that she was stressed and pressured by the modeling industry. Delevingne hoped to leave it all behind for a Hollywood film career. While Cara has launched a successful career as an actress, she has also gone back to modeling and has since suggested she may have been too critical of the career that first brought her to the public eye.

When not on film or on the pages of fashion magazines, Cara has had to face off with her critics, and if The Cara Project seeks to give an unbiased report, it must also include Delevingne’s lows as well as her highs. In choosing to pursue acting, Delevingne has had to face off against harsh critics and rude talk show hosts, but the Suicide Squadstar met those challenges with humor and grace. As a result, she outshined those who sought to shame her and those were perhaps her finest moments.

The Cara Project may also seek to give audiences a deeper look into Delevingne’s romantic life. While her fans have caught glimpses of Delevingne together with her love interests, most notably, St. Vincent, there has been little in the way of details of those love affairs. The Cara Project may seek to expose that facet of Delevingne’s life.

There is currently no release date for The Cara Project, but as the film has just been picked up by distributors, further news may be forthcoming.

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