Being an African woman is a whole lot more than we think, It’s an entire world on its own. 

Too many rules and obligations which MUST be kept; values, standards and set actions that can never go away, even in this modern times. Now people might wonder what is this Writer on about? Let me break it down for you….  

Being  an African woman, you are nurtured from birth to have an independent fear for yourself and for men, hahahha. 
Men are to be feared and honoured. You have to be disciplined, married with kids, be 100% submissive to your husband, even if he maltreats you and you have to be a complete housewife, even if you have got a full time job. 

Women are seen to be the secondary being to the men, not equals, as it was ordained by God. Growing up as a female in Africa, you have to pass through stages, which is abominable if you don’t:
 1. Go to School if you can afford it and be self- discliplined. 
 2. Never ever be seen speaking to a man, or you would be tagged a wayward girl.
 3. Get married immediately after school. 
 4. Have kids.
 5. Make sure nothing bad happens in your home, or else you would be called BADLUCK.

Every African woman lives with the fears of these things wishing and praying everything goes well in those areas. But Hey!!!!! Am not saying women should not be loving, caring, submissive and obedient. 
All I am saying is, women should be given a breather, we are humans just like the men, we make mistakes like other human beings. We should have the Rights to express ourselves without fear of breaking the CODES. 

Men Cheat in Africa and they say, oh! It’s the men’s world. Women cheat, and OMG, it’s sucide. Men work and bring the money home, women do same, and it is said** Hell yea, she’s making too much money and maybe going to override the men; Common, give the women some credits. 

I give my salute to the African women, we sure are a special kind of being to put up with all these and yet be strong and moving on.. 
Salute to all African Women and Salute to  all women at Large!!!      

From Chidazzle diaries ##Angel Akuezuilo ##Mrs..

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