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When you hear about France, all that comes your mind is, Paris, the expensive city and all the assumptions about the country is that everything in it is expensive. Yea, well, the truth about it is, the standard of living is on the high side compared to some other countries. Yea well *rollseyes*, do you expect less from a beautiful country of love? Do not forget, France is not all about Paris alone, there are lots of other beautiful cities in the country to explore.

Coming down the main topic here, studying in France in some of the top ranking universities in France are not as expensive as you may think and I mean spending thousands of euros especially when it comes to courses taught in English as France major spoken language is French. France is ranked among the top 20 countries in the world with good standard quality of education. There are very good standard universities that offer same tuition to foreigners and as well as their nationals which means you don’t have to pay additional fees and you can find courses taught in English but not that many diversity of programs. There are also some universities that have age restrictions when it comes to the fees you have to pay and it differs from one university to another. Above a certain age, you will have to pay a higher tuition. For me, I think the reason why is because most of their nationals graduate between a certain age range and if coming to study from a particular age above the supposed age, then you should have more and meaningful work experience and money than the younger ones. *justsaying*

If you are also below the age of 26, you will receive so many benefits and reductions in which the government includes foreign students. For example, in Toulouse if you are below the age of 26, you pay 10euros/month for public transportation including the buses, metro and tram. Above 26 years old, you pay about 50euros/month. Every city has its own rules and regulations governing the transportation system, some of them have no age restriction but one thing for sure is, students always pay a very minimal amount possible.

The government also subsidizes the rental cost for all students both nationals and foreigners by paying part of the rent. For example, if your rent is 400euros/month, you will end up paying 250 – 270euros/month. It is all dependent on the calculation being made by the agency (CAF) handling such matters.

You will get detailed information about universities and colleges in France ranging from the courses to the the tuition either in the graduate or undergraduate level and the language the course is taught in. Visit the website below for more information;
The website is in English and French, you can select your preferred language. If you have any further questions or do not know how to go about it. Kindly leave a comment and I will reply accordingly…
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