Stop derailing teenage boys – Uche Maduagwu blasts Bobrisky

Nollywood controversial actor, Uche Maduagwu, who has been in a long-term feud with popular cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has come out to blast him again. And this time he is warning him to stop derailing and confusing teenage boys into believing he is a girl.

Uche Maduagwu claims he had an experience with a young boy who believes Bobrisky is a female and fantasizes about being with him, after he saw him several times on the internet.

Stop derailing teenage boys - Uche Maduagwu blasts Bobrisky Lailasnews 2

He then, out of anger, took to Instagram to ask Bobrisky to behave himself as a man just as the way he was created by God:

Uche Maduagwu wrote:

”Stop confusing our teenage boys with your “Mumu over filtered look… 😄😁😃@bobrisky222 Omg, what’s this my brother turning into sef? Can you imagine, i just overheard some teenage boys in Lekki phase 1 discussing among themselves, and one was saying that the other night, while feeling so sleepy after looking at several pics on the internet, he almost kissed the Snapchat pics of @bobrisky222 thinking he was a girl, until he received a “dirty slap” from his elder sister who alerted him that its @bobrisky222 and not some pretty girl…😁😃😄🖐🖐

I’m sure this is how hundreds of other innocent teenagers feel too, because every day, this she or he of a brother keeps changing and filtering his looks just to confuse guys,😍😍 especially teenagers…🔥🔥🔥

Stop derailing teenage boys - Uche Maduagwu blasts Bobrisky Lailasnews 3

This nonsense has to stop. Parents, please monitor what your kid watch on social #media, imagine a boy in his teen, fantasizing over the Snapchat pictures of @bobrisky222 and after developing feelings for him/she not knowing that he/she is a man and not a girl?😭😭

Imagine that kind of “mumu” #lifestyle? Is this the way forward Nigeria?🏃🏃 Is it when all our teenage boys start having nonsense feelings for @bobrisky222 Snapchat looks that we would wake up?🙈🙈 #repost #boys #kiss #guys #actor #pics #nollywood #cool #share #naija #instagram #facebook #fashion #music #blog #lagos #abuja #model #wedding #love #Uk #instapic #London #pretty #movie #girls #bride #joy”

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