Shehu Sani Tells Buhari To Forget About 2019 Election

This is following the condemnation of attacks reportedly meted out by Fulani herdsmen on villages in Benue state and alternative components of Nigeria.

According to The Guardian, Sani conjointly aforementioned that it’s not right to be talking of re-election, once folks area unit losing their lives and properties area unit being destroyed.

The legislator conjointly criticised the campaign for Buhari’s second term, describing it political violation ANd an insult on the conscience of Nigerians.

Sani aforementioned “It is wrong to be talking of the re-election of Buhari as President once many lives area unit being lost and folks area unit being massacred in numerous components of the country.

“In time of bloodshed like this, the difficulty ought to be a way to move and address the matter. however those promoting the President at a time of this bloodshed area unit like folks performing arts on the graves of Nigerians.

“Campaigning for Buhari for next year’s election once folks area unit being killed, once orphans and widows area unit being created as a results of the tragedy of those circumstances and folks area unit being kidnaped, i feel amounts to political violation.

“It is AN insult on the conscience of Nigerians ANd it’s an insult on the ethical integrity of Nigerians for anybody to ignore what’s happening and easily walk to the President and tell him that what’s necessary at this material time is his re-election campaign for next year’s election.

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“I advise folks advising the President and strategising for him to contest the elections to spare him your time, advise him well and supply a solid strategy to finish the butchery and atrocities that’s happening within the country these days.”

Human life is vital that politics
Senator Sani conjointly aforementioned that lives of Nigerians area unit additional necessary than the President’s second term campaign.

He aforementioned “Human life is additional necessary than politics, as a result of you can’t command over dead folks. the pictures we have a tendency to see in each social and ancient media is heart-rending and despicable.

“I will tell you that over a year agone, the President was in Zamfara State in military fatigue to deal with the matter of pillage and mass killing. The President ought to be seen in any a part of the country wherever such violence happens.

“The President should visit Southern Kaduna, Birnin Gwari, Taraba, Benue, Rivers and Adamawa states. It provides folks some hope that their Commander-in-Chief is set and committed to defend and defend them.”

Governor El-Rufai, others beg Buhari to run in 2019
On Friday, January 12, 2018, Governor Nasiru el-Rufai light-emitting diode six alternative governors to satisfy with President Muhammadu Buhari on the necessity for him to re-contest within the 2019 election.

According to El-Rufai, they took the choice to raise the President to run as a result of they require to make sure peace and stability in Nigeria.

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