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Relationships crumble because couples would rather patch things through than renovate, rebuild or abandon it. If you stay too long in an emotionally abusive relationship, chances are you’d turn out to be a damaged soul. I have never seen anything patched retain its true beauty. Relationships are like houses, it will get old with time. It is your responsibility to know when to renovate. If there’s a broken structure in the building, it’s safer to break then rebuild than patch. Patching a relationship is hiding from the truth, looking away from the problem and making it worsen. If you come to me for help, after a series of questions I can tell if your relationship can be rescued or not.

The heart is too emotional to depend on. There times when you have to let reality set in, be rational and radical with you analyses. Most of us know one truthful reason why that relationship shouldn’t head for the altar but would rather create ten lies to propel it. Remember, your best excuse, is still an excuse.

Know when to walk away, know when to let go. It doesn’t mean you stopped loving the person, it simply means you don’t want that love to turn to hate. Like life, every relationship’s purpose is the pursuit of happiness. In the absence of this all efforts will be fruitless. Don’t stay in a relationship just to be dormant, be in one because he/she complements your imperfection.

It’s good to make efforts to liven up your union but first ask yourself, does the other person want the same thing. It will be foolish to keep trying to make it work when the other party has moved on. Know when to let go! Learn how to walk away. Don’t let the house/heart collapse before you move out/on.

Complicated? Reach out for help.



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