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After tweeting several #Notes2Bae on twitter and sharing them on Instagram on I got several ‘personal’ comments. While several talked about how lucky ‘future’ wife or Bae is/will be, a certain close friend of mine asked, “Fragile, remind me again why you’re still single?” The first thought that crossed my mind was that I am not ready. Then another lady asked a similar question and then went ahead to state that she’s certain I’m into someone or vice versa. That got me thinking again, if I claim not to be ready, why is that?

Fear of the unknown? Fear of commitment?
Perhaps because I feel I’m not right enough?

What qualifies one as ripe? Age? Maturity? Capability?
My big brother keeps saying “I think Femi single because he’s too responsible to a fault.” He goes further to explain that on the bases of finance and loyalty. These factors key to being responsible and responsive, on which good relationship thrives.

Anyway I concluded within me that I’m not ready to date because I don’t want another break-up before marriage (solid excuse, abi). It has to be right, she has to be right. That takes a lot of foresight and patience; appearance isn’t always reality. My decision however is a summation of some primary factors. I can choose to date for the sake of it but it doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t mean I am searching for perfection. At the end of the day if I’m scared of trying because I don’t want a break-up there is a likelihood of remaining single forever.

Should anyone date for the sake of it?

When is it right to date?

How do you know the right person to date?

Can you ever truly find your idea of a perfect partner?

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