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I’ve been in love with two adorable ladies at different points in my life. One is the Sweetest and other is The Spark In My Quiet World. For both of them I loved them with different energy but with a similar trend. We met, bonded, gave them undivided attention, let them into my life and the love began to fade. Actually, it starts fading the moment they decide to come to my place and spend days with me, which automatically means sleeping over. Till date I strongly believe sharing the same bed with them and not ‘touching’ them is out of respect, though there moments I feel doing so might have made all the difference.

For both ladies that was the end of the road, in terms of relationship. They return to their base and we disconnect. Of course I gisted my friends and they mocked me silly. With the sweetest one asked, “Why do you think she came? Don’t you think she came prepared for that?” With The Spark In My Quiet World, my girlfriend said, “If I’m going to a guy’s house to spend a night I know what I am in for. Except the guy is my family member or personal person I have certain expectations. Not to make myself look cheap, the guy must at least attempt to chop kiss and touch breast. If he doesn’t he’s either naive or impotent. No guy should be that nice. Fragile, Ore mi ma binu but o stupid.” Oshey Shaba!

My small momma seem to think the intimacy could have ignited more passion.
My friend Ibi thinks I’m a dull guy.
What do you think?

Standing here I think there’s an iota of truth in what they said. The Sweetest after her departure did send me as text to show gratitude for respecting her, she’s still one of my best. The Spark In My Quiet World, she chatted me up on BBM too, apparently I became a sudden distraction. We don’t talk anymore.” Tell me, void of religious principles, how do you cross this line?

Ladies, is there anything like Mr. Nice Guy?

Guys, have you ever been there and not try, with whom you love?



Femi Fragile
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