Sarah Ofili Falls In Love Again

After her widely spread engagement to Ikechukwu, most of you still remember the proposal and internet went wild. Infact they were one of the first set that made ‘internet proposal’ popular. Forgive my internet proposal word, lol. The relationship however didn’t last long and the engagement was called off. Sarah has not been known to have dated anyone ever since.

But now, madame is in love and she can’t just keep calm. She cant hide it. She has been blowing the whistle,but very codedly. Let us show you how we were able to decode it. Please continue… Btw, the name jujufierce you will be seeing many times is her BESTIE. And I mean best of the best, so you see, she knows it all, lol.


Congrats Sarah, we pray this works. You must like him to have put him out there, so we hope it works. Stay happy! Lol.

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