Rumour Has It That President Buhari Is Uneasy About His Daughter Zahra’s Marriage Plans

New reports are suggesting that President Muhammadu Buhari is uneasy about the marriage plans of his beautiful daughter, Zahra who is expected to marry Ahmed Indimi from the affluent Indimi family.

According to sources ‘There are some things you just cannot take away from the President. Maybe because of his age, but it is likely because of experience and training. Buhari is finicky. He takes pain to look at details at times. And so he met his would be son-in-law, Ahmed Indimi”.

Buhari reportedly met with the young man in the Presidential Villa yesterday evening. He was said to have asked him a few questions especially about his finances as well as his social pedigree.

At the end of it all, sources gathered that the President was not too impressed with what he learnt from the young man. He has reasons to be afraid. Ahmed Indimi’s businesses have not been doing too well and some insiders close to him swore that that was one of the reasons he wanted the wedding to take place as early as late November before the first family insisted that it had to take place a week later.

One major issue about the wedding which would perhaps have jolted the President was the fact that the two young people who want to wed hardly know each other. Indeed, they met for the first time about a month ago.

The President, according to rumours paused for a long while even as he was confronted with this fact, which further heightened his fears.

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