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Put All Your Eggs In One Basket Or Keep Your Options Open?

As we all know, putting all your eggs in one basket in a relationship context means dating only one person at a time exclusively, putting yourself off the market.

From experience and stories I have heard, it is always advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket except you are very sure and I mean 100% sure that the guy/lady you are dating is totally committed to you. Sometimes, though, a serious relationship is not a guarantee to a lasting commitment.

There is a friend of mine who started dating this guy when she was 27, they dated for four years. She initially thought the relationship will end up in marriage. Obviously, being with someone for that long shows that there is a serious commitment from both parties. They started living together after 2 years into the relationship, and after a year and half of living together, issues started cropping up, which ended up emotionally draining their relationship.

Unknown to her, the guy had started seeing someone else whom he later said he preferred to her, and was looking for a way to make her move out of the house, so he could have his space. Well, he finally got what he wanted. Friends and some of her family members advised her to move out, to gain some respect back and maybe the guy will come back to his senses. And that is because, she was the one trying so hard to make the relationship work. Also, I am not in support of a lady living with a guy permanently outside marriage, because it sometimes causes see-finish.

After she moved out, the relationship ended some months later, and at that time she was 31. It took her some time to start getting toasters, because while she was dating the guy, all her social media accounts were filled with his pictures calling him names that was meant for HUSBANDS and not boyfriends. It was so heartbreaking though.

She said she will never put all her eggs in one basket; except she finds a guy who truly loves her and she loves him in return, he engages her openly, and also take some commitment steps further, like a proper family introduction, before she will cut down her communications with other potential toasters this time around. I also supported her.

I’m not advocating cheating on anyone, or avoiding commitment, or any of the other possible things you could deduce from the phrase.

Yea, life is a learning process, we make mistakes along the way and learn from them, but also, do not allow what has happened in your past relationship affect you in a negative way or turn you into something else, all in the name of forming hardcore. Breakups hurt so bad, no doubt, especially when you have opened your heart to that person, but will you continue to remain single all your life or tag every guy as being the same as your ex? No. You have to try to shake it off after some time and move on.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion…

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