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This page contains the privacy policy of Esther’s Blog and it can be considered to be a declaration of the types of information we receive whenever you visit our site, why we collect these information, what we do with them and how we protect all of the information, private and otherwise, that you entrust us with.

At Esther’s Blog, we guarantee the privacy of every of our visitor and subscriber. Your personal information is very vital to you; as such, we do not collect any information without your knowledge. Even more assuring is the fact that all information you entrust us will never be disclosed, leased or sold to a third party either for marketing or other purposes. Your privacy will remain as a token of confidence between us.

On the issue of Log Files:
Esther’s Blog like many other sites, collect the data contained in your log files. These data include information about your internet protocol (IP) your internet service provider (ISP) the browser you use to visit our site (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Chrome), the pages you visited on our site, the time you visited these pages and how long you stayed on these pages.

On the issue of cookies:
Esther’s Blog does not use cookies and do not install any of such on your device. However, we do not guarantee this of any third party content and advertisement on our site. Google, through its Adsense program may collect information about your ISP and the browser you use for Geo-targeting purposes: that is to show you relevant adverts.

If you do not care for Google’s adverts, you can dis-select cookies in your browser setting under the ‘Privacy’ tab of the ‘Options’ under the ‘Tools’ menu (for Mozilla browser).

About email addresses:
If you subscribe to our newsletter, we are fully responsible for the safety of your email and we guarantee that your emails will only be used to contact not more than a couple of times a week in order to deliver notifications about new and relevant content on our website or to bring your attentions to relevant third party products or services that we think will benefit you.

Other than this use, we will not use your email for any other purposes like sale and distribution neither will we SPAM your inbox.

Promotions and Affiliations Disclosure:
Solidly imprinted in our rules are the fact that we do not accept payment to write reviews about any brand or product. Esther’s Blog is not affiliated to any brand or product and we do not make any money from the products we recommend. If this should change, you will be notified!

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