President Appoint Special Adviser On HIV/AIDS

The group also condemned the government’s poor attitude towards the funding of the HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.
SOWCHAN made its demands on Tuesday, November 29, after invading the Abuja venue of the National Conference on HIV Prevention in Nigeria.
“That is the person who will be providing the President with true situation on HIV response,” Group spokesperson, Enya Attah said according to Punch.

“There should be political will by both the federal and state governments to truthfully implement the many strategic plans and research recommendation developed by NACA.
“Nigeria is heavily dependent on external donor to about 75 per cent, while domestic financing is 25 percent. There is dwindling global funding for HIV in developing countries; the Nigerian government must bridge this funding gap,” Attah added.

The protesters were said to have almost disrupted the speech of Minister of State for Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire after they ran towards the podium on which he was standing.

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