PHOTOS: Calabar Carnival 2016 – Africa’s Biggest Street Party

Calabar carnival is Indisputably Africa’s biggest, longest multi-dimensional, multi-faceted tourism leisure and the greatest street party. Calabar Carnival is a unique display of Africa heritage showcased through music, dance, drama and visual creativity which is reflected in the design of floats, costumes and make-up. Despite the fun and relaxed atmosphere around the carnival, a great degree of thought, creativity and discipline goes into the interpretation of the carnival theme under a strict adjudication process. The result is pure magic- an outpouring of colour, sound and spectacle, unmatched by anything else on the continent.

The carnival takes place on the 26th and 27th December each year, and is the highlight of the 32-day Calabar Festival which runs from 30th November to 1st January. The route was from Millennium park to Mary Slessor Avenue to Marian Mobil by the highway to UJ Esuene stadium in Calabar. Check out more photos below…


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