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PHOTOS: Bobrisky On ‘The Cover’ Magazine’s October Issue; Reveals His Crush On Wizkid & More…

Self-proclaimed king of Snapchat, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju aka Idris Bobrisky has landed his first magazine cover with The Cover on Accelerate TV where he opened up about his personality, how far he has come, his dreams, his crush on Wizkid, and what motivates him.

If I wasn’t the popular Bobrisky I think I would be a banker and I would be able to manage my income,” he said, and then added, “I love listening to Wizkid. Like that guy is my crush, I love his voice, I listen to his music. When I listen to his music, I just sleep off.

Read more of what he had to say below…


My name is Bobrisky, Idris Bobrisky. I am talking about art and I love to be myself because there is no point pretending to be who you are not. I enjoy being myself and I woke to be who I am. So that’s who Bobrisky is.

I have to express who Bobrisky is first because sometimes when you are doing anything you have to be who you are. You don’t have to act under anybody’s instruction and be who ever you are not, you have to be yourself. I am who Bobrisky is and I enjoy being who I am.

You don’t need to convince anybody to accept who you are. So you have to appreciate yourself first before people will appreciate you. Let’s talk about my look, my complexion, the whole makeup, the whole outfit, the hairdo, that is who Bobrisky is.


I want to come out there and show that Bobrisky has is own brand. That’s the way he does his own thing which is different from every other person. I am not looking at anyone before I do my own thing. I am who I am. So, I myself am an art.

Talking about survival, you have to be good at what you do. You have to be extremely good at what you do and put in extra effort, to survive in the area of specialization. I believe that you don’t want to suffer yourself in life so you just have to work harder to survive or to do anything you really want to do to make sure you are good at what you.”

Social media is a very good platform whereby it makes you popular. I wasn’t thinking of being the famous Bobrisky and this famous bae. I posted a short video of me dancing on Snapchat and I got to see many people tagging others and saying ‘OMG you need to go and check Bobrisky’s Snapchat. He is fabulous, the way he dances, his makeup, his outfit and before I Knew it, people were sending me messages and request and I felt it was a very good thing since I was getting popular. So, I moved to Instagram and I was seeing so many likes like OMG, this guy is so awesome.


Popularity comes with cyber bullying because a lot of people will insult you and will call you names but I believe you just have to be true to yourself. If you are faking it, that is when the insults will get to you but if you are true to who you are, you really want to build yourself and your brand then, careless about what people say.


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