PARENT(S) GET IN HERE; Your Expertise Is Needed,,,

Sometimes we watch some kids talk and sing so clearly at d age of 2. I mean you can understand and know exactly everything they say and then you always wished yours can do the same or even better…  And some parents will be wondering why their kids do not say a word at that age. Is it the fault of the Parents or is the child slow to learn or are there things that are not been done or taken into consideration?

Well, here are a few questions we should ask ourselves;

  • What do some parents do that some are not doing?
  • Is it as a result of homeschooling/day care at a very tender age?
  • Are they wired differently or programmed to learn faster than some?
  • Is it as a result of some of the food they eat or don’t eat? 
  • Is it because some parents talk to their kids using ‘baby talk’ instead of normal clear sentences to make the child learn faster? 
  • Some parents don’t make their kids say the words as they should, they just point at it and its being given to them immediately without making them try to say the word? 
  • Is it because we do not read a lot of books with pictorial diagrams to them? 
  • Are the parents more concerned about what they eat and leave that part of education/knowledge out? 
  • Are we nonchalant or care less about the age at which our kids start to talk? 

Then what are we not doing right? 

This is something we really would love to understand and learn more because we would love our kids to start talking, making sentences with words or even try to read from the age of 2.
I am also not saying it is wrong for kids at that age not to talk neither is it a problem but if some can say some words and make sentences from them, then others can. You just need to try and keep yourself informed.
For our children to become the leaders of tomorrow, it has to start now… 

Parents/Teachers/Experts experienced in this matter should also share their experiences. 
Like this saying goes “No Man Is An Island”
Share your thoughts in the comment for parent(s)/guardian(s) and to-be parent(s)/guardian(s). 

*This is an exception for kids with some form of ailment, deformity or are physically challenged*
*winks* E.A.

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