Ooni Of Ife To Preach In Victorious Pentecostal Assembly In The UK

The Ooni of Ife will be delivering a sermon at the Victorious Pentecostal Assembly on the 22nd of March according to the founder of VPA, Pastor Alex Omokudu who was in Nigeria recently.

According to the Pastor who is fondly called Daddy, he said, “the Ooni is a man filed with wisdom. A man called by God. God put him on that throne. He was called the same way I was”

In his usual bewilderment fashion of speaking when he talks about issues that amazes him, he said he learnt something new from the Ooni that might make him stop eating Chicken.
According to him, the Ooni drew his attention to the mystery of the Cock which crows at a specific time every day, and asked, Who made it possible? Then man will take his knife and kill such an Intelligent creature?
 The man of God who pastors one of the largest Nigerian churches in the United Kingdom, said his one on one encounter with the Ooni, has richly blessed him and he is looking forward to his presence in the Church in March.
 The man of God also advised women to learn to take care of their husbands. They should go and learn manicure, pedicure and massage so they can administer it on their husbands. “Give a man what he wants so he will not look outside . Learn how to give your husband good food” he said.

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