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One Night Stand

This was going to be the best night of my life. What I had always coveted was being offered on a platter of gold, on a cold night. The last time she made reference to the topic, she laid so much guilt on my heart. “Debo, I know you want to have sex with me. How do you think that would feel, considering the fact that you are my boyfriend’s friend.” I couldn’t figure out how to reply her. She was right. We were close, like normal friends then I began to see her in realm of my lustful fantasies.

We played silly often, talk dirty in my friend’s presence until I began to read certain thoughts to her acts. Questions about her intention popped all over my skull. All to one conclusion, what if she wouldn’t mind getting down with me. After leaving several misdirected clues, I hugged her tightly one night, sniffing the fragrance on her neck. That was when she revealed what she figured could be my intention, sleep with her.

I figured I’d lost my respect so I kept a distance. Played down on everything we used to do: chat, play and even gossip. Imagine my surprise when on a cold raining night she texted me, “I’m cold. Can you come over if you don’t mind?” Shocked! I dialled her number. She didn’t pick. She sent a text, “Can’t pick, there’s no light, battery going off soon. Coming?” “Yes” I replied.

I got ready. Rushed to Iya Oyo for a dose of her manpower herb. I couldn’t afford leaving a fragile impression on our first night. Got some condoms & a bottle of her favourite vodka. I didn’t care if I was spending my last cash. The bike man charged more than I would normally pay but I didn’t hesitate. I consoled myself with the excuse that they charge more while it’s raining & that I was lucky to even get one at that time. 10.00pm.

I arrived at her door with partitioned feelings; half guilt & erection. I was discreet enough not to knock, I sent a text. “I’m at your door.” My phone chimed! “I just wanted to prove to your friend that you are so desperate to fuck me. I’m at his place. Defend yourself when he calls.” My phone rang & my conscience which had drowned while reading came afloat. He was calling.

I just stood there, confused & stranded.



Written by Femi Fragile

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