N2.8 trn Federal Road Projects Going On Across Nigeria – Director

The central is endeavor numerous road comes price N2.8 trillion across the country, mister Chukwunwike Uzo, the Director of Highways, coming up with and Development, Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, has said.

Uzo created this best-known in associate interview with the news organization of African nation (NAN) in Nigerian capital on Sunday.

He aforesaid that the comes ar being funded partially by take of the Sukuk bond.

NAN remembers that the central had in 2017 raised N100 billion from Sukuk to fund twenty five selected roads comes across the six political science zones of the country.

The director explained that the govt is funding in progress road comes outside the Sukuk amounting to N1.8 trillion whereas the particular price of the twenty five Sukuk funded roads comes was N1 trillion.

“The total contract total of all the twenty five Sukuk funded road comes is regarding N1 trillion and this implies that the N100 billion raised through Sukuk cannot end the comes.

“What is occurring now’s that the Sukuk fund is being deployed to bound areas of the twenty five roads that are known.

“This means on a a hundred metric linear unit road, as an example, it can be 5 or ten kilometre that the Sukuk allocation for that specific project may address and not the complete dualisation work.

“If you add up N1.8 trillion prices of alternative comes outside Sukuk, it’ll return up to N2.8 trillion comes being undertaken by the ministry,” he said.

He aforesaid N57 billion had been disbursed to contractors handling the Sukuk funded road comes out of the N100 billion raised.

Uzo aforesaid the outstanding N47 billion would be disbursed supported work done by the contractors.

“The cash is there, if the contractors had completed their work, we’d have exhausted the N100 billion by currently.”

The director aforesaid the Sukuk fund, raised from the capital market had bound rules guiding its disbursement.

He aforesaid the fund had trustees UN agency superintend its disbursement on behalf of the investors and project observance consultants operating for the trustees to judge the quantum of labor being done.

“For every payment certificate, those project observance consultants need to together associate with the ministry supervision employees and therefore the contractors to live and agree on the quantity of labor done.

“Then quantify it in terms of observance certification before causing it to the ministry and so to the Debt Management workplace, thus it’s not sort of a traditional capital allocation from the Federation Account,” he added. (NAN)


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