‘My Mother Once Sent Thugs To Beat Me’ – Bobrisky

Nigerian Barbie, Bobrisky interview with Punch was quoted saying ‘When my mum noticed my feminine side, she used to beat me. At some point, she hired some hoodlums to manhandle me because she felt I was bringing shame to the family.

Later, she let me be because she noticed the beating did not yield any result. “I actually don’t feel like a girl inside of me, but I have a girly way of thinking and I’m very caring. My mum got to love me so much before she died because I’m hard-working. I cooked for her when she was alive, I cleaned her shoes and picked her outfits. Before she died, she stopped bothering about Bobrisky”.

He also claims to have a bae: “I have a girlfriend that I’m in a serious relationship with. I keep her away from the media for personal reasons.”

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