My Love For You Is A Journey, Starting At Forever, And Ending At Never: Anita and Gideon, Set To Wed

With great Joy in my heart, I want to announce the newest couple-to-be, Anita and Gideon.

 They are looking forward to their special day, 3 October, 2015. 

Anita and Gideon are very excited to spend the rest of their lives together. These two lovebirds are filled with so much love, joy, happiness, excitement, fun and romance. The sky is their beginning. 

Congratulations to Anita & Gideon. Wishing you the best in your up coming wedding. 

From the Groom; 

Just like in the beginning, The Bible recorded, let there be light and there was light instead of darkness. That was how God said, let there be Anita in your life, Gideon, and then she came along. 

Her wisdom gave me a sense of direction. Then all of a sudden, a bright light of destiny shows up so bright with an Angel holding the keys to my heart. 

My love, My life, My epiphany, Anita… I love you so Much.

From the Bride;

The love that has no bound… Gideon, my love for you has no bound. 

Marriage is the best institution Created by God, and I am very blessed and honoured that God gave me you, to go on this Journey together.
I have found a heart that exhibit Gods love towards me and I will never let go of your heart. 

I love you so much, beyond words can ever say. We will continue to exercise Gods love together by the day… My best friend, My pride, My joy, My all. 

I love you Gideon.

Like Oliver Wedell Holmes, said, “Love is a master key which opens the gate of happiness”.

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