MUST-READ Excerpts From Toke Makinwa’s Book ‘On Becoming’ – “It Is Not A Tell-All But A Must Tell”

“Maje, You Can’t Keep Lying. What’s Going On?” – Toke Makinwa Recounts Moment She Found Out Anita Was Pregnant.

Media personality Toke Makinwa has survived a whole lot. At the age of 8, she lost her parents in a house fire. As an immature teenager, through her twenties, she fell in love with a man who would nearly ruin her life – with a sex tape, side girlfriends. A man that almost drove her to commit suicide by drinking Dettol after he cheated, got babymama pregnant, their wedding crashed and the story blew into a huge international scandal.

Bellanaija got a copy of Toke Makinwa soon to be released book – On Becoming in which she shared her incredible survival story and it has been an interesting and eye-opening read so far! Toke says “it is not a tell-all but a must tell. Below are some MUST-READ excerpts.



The Discovery
I got on my knees in front of him, my voice calm as I can make it. “Maje, you can’t keep lying. What is going on? He walks away, leaving me there with my heart in my hands. I see him pacing, like he is having a private conversation. Then all of a sudden, he walks back to the living room, looks straight into my eyes and says, ‘She’s pregnant’. I fall to the ground. My head….‘What’s she having?’
‘A boy,’ he says. ‘How long have you known?’ ‘I’ve always known…. It was what I thought I wanted,’ he says.

The Wedding
“Finally, I thought. He chose me! He has stepped up and he’s finally ready to make us a priority. It was my wedding day.
I was happy, yet I was waiting for something to happen. Maje had disappointed me three times before. We would pick a date to go to the wedding registry and he would call it off…. We had discussed eloping, but he’d never committed to any plan.

It wasn’t until we shared our first dance to John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ that I finally believed that it had happened.
We got back together (after a quarrel because Maje took ‘an ex’ to a party he bluntly told Toke he wasn’t taking her to and he and the ex were ‘touching freely and kissing’)… Maje invited me to Abuja…. As I was putting away my things I saw all kinds of feminine items – earrings on the dresser, sanitary pads in the drawer….”

In her book, Toke reveals details as she works towards her healing.

  • The Other Woman
  • Breakups and Makeups
  • Contemplating Suicide


The devil finds a way to fill your head with lies when you have just gone through a period. These lies can make you question everything, including the very purpose of your existence. Lies like:

‘You’re not good enough’

‘This is the best thing that could have happened to you and now it’s falling apart’

‘This will end you’

When this lies came, God’s word provided a much-needed comfort and a reminder of my identity and His plans for me.

Toke will be launching it in Nigeria this Sunday, November 27, 2016.

It will be released on November 28, 2016, in bookstores across Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States.

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