Maheeda Talked About How She Used To Wear One Pant For More Than Four Days

Queen of nudity, Maheeda, popularly known for sharing nude photos on social media while celebrating her 40th birthday, took to her Instagram page, to reveal a touching story about her life.She narrated how difficult it was growing up on the streets without parents and relatives, becoming a prostitute in order to survive and how she met her white husband.

In her words, “Born and thrown away, I still have no idea of where or who my relatives are; no education, no talent and no one to support me.

I did house girl and bar girl jobs but none could help with my dream and mind set. I had no house, so I lived on the streets for days until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was raped, used, deceived and shot with a gun.

A prostitute took me into her shelter and I had a place to sleep but hey, I hit the streets with her every night to the club hoping to see a white man to save me since I had been rejected and abandon by almost everyone in my life! See how I became a club girl?

Let’s not forget early pregnancy and the experience of being a single mother in a lonely world. But thank God I found a white guy that heard my life story and promised to give me hope and he did by the way.

Since I had a white guy who was helping me with money to survive, I had nothing else to do as a job so I chose entertainment. Why? Because I want to be somebody!

All my life I have been feeling like nobody, so I thought being famous will make me somebody! I couldn’t sing to save my life. But the music producer I met said, ‘Thank God you learnt the act of seduction while in the club, use that’ and that was what I have been doing till date. But when I started, so many Nigerians tried to push me down, not knowing they were killing my last hope.

I forgive them all because they never knew. I still love them; they only made me stronger! I don’t only have a roof over my head, I live in a mansion, I don’t only eat, I feed others; I used to wear one pant for days, now I dash girls colourful pants. I walked barefoot, now I give out shoes. Thank God for life. HBD to me, I love y’all,” Maheeda wrote.

Maheeda is married to Robert Sam, a Dutch millionaire, who picked her from the streets and cleaned her up. They officially got married in 2012, and Robert moved her and her teenage daughter to the Netherlands.

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