Made In Nigeria Conference And Exhibition To Hold At The Landmark Center, Lagos On Nov. 29

The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition is Nigeria’s biggest trade exposition for SMEs, start-ups, home grown businesses, entrepreneurs and Corporate Nigeria.

The Made In Nigeria Conference and Exhibition is a one day social investment initiative of The Made In Nigeria Project that aims to empower entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups with the focus on the growth of Large, medium and small enterprises, which are pivotal to our national aspiration towards self-sufficiency and overcoming the challenges of Job creation & Employment.

The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition seeks to encourage a “Buy Nigerian” culture with focus on changing our orientation in consumption pattern shifting our mindset and preference for imported to patronising “Made In Nigeria” products.

The key thrust of The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition is to facilitate stakeholders discussions and agreements on th practical issues, opportunities, policies and regulations needed for “Made In Nigeria” to thrive and become a holistic national strategy for growth and development.
The Made In Nigeria Conference & Exhibition is also designed and modelled as a capacity building, social development, networking and empowerment initiative which aims to provide and also pragmatically address Government’s role in the development and support to entrepreneurs, start up business owners, SMEs and encourage stakeholder engagement.

The capacity of Nigeria to favorably compete in the global SME markets depends largely on its ability to innovate and apply the relevant mechanisms to SME Industry and other similar productive sectors to reduce the rate of unemployment and increase the opportunities for Job Creation. Our focus on the growth of micro-small and medium scale enterprises hinges on our position on the role SMEs play in economic growth, which are cardinal frontiers on our national goal towards self-sufficiency.

To be featured at the Made In Nigeria Conference &Exhibition include a Keynote Address, Guest speaker Presentations, Made In Nigeria Exhibition hubs, Made In Nigeria Documentary, Pragmatic panel sessions that will focus on Nigeria as she stands, the strength of her human capital, her growth trajectory, the role of SMEs towards economic growth and advancement, the potentials of her resources and the opportunities that abound.

The Made In Nigeria Conference and Exhibition in its previous editions has hosted a myriad of notable speakers in the Nigerian space who have commenced and reiterated the achievements and potentials for growth in Nigeria’s SME sector.

Who should Exhibit
– Information and communication technology, electronics
– Safety and health protection
– Engineering, technology, innovation
– Vehicle equipment & motor trade
– Textile & crafts
– Banking & finances
– Commerce & franchising
– Design related services
– Food, trade & technology
– Construction & building
– Education & specialized trainings
– Energy & environmental technology, power generation
– Management services, professional services
– Working and processing of metal, wood & plastic
– Professional bodies & education
– Workshop, equipment & storage facility


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