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List Of Low And Affordable Tuition Universities In Canada

Studying in Canada is more affordable compared to UK, US and Australia. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the UK, US, Australia and some other part of Europe. The quality of education and living standards in Canada are among the highest in the world, but the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower than in other countries.

What I noticed from most applications made, to study in Canada for a master’s degree is, when you have a second class lower degree, your chances of gaining admission into the public universities are very slim as some of the universities would advise you get an upgrade before you can be considered for a master’s program. Tuition fees for private universities are usually very expensive which made the applications to public universities very competitive.

I have a friend who applied to several public universities for a master’s program in the same field with what she obtained in her bachelor’s degree, thinking it will boost her chances because both courses are in the same field. And because she had a second class lower degree, she was denied admission in five of the universities she applied to and the surprising part is, they all gave her the same reason to get an upgrade before she can be admitted. It might not be the same for you but while applying for a master’s degree, make sure you also consider applying for PGD courses if your GP is not a 2.1 and above.

Most times a lot of students opt for going to study through Post graduate diploma (PGD). If you have a second class upper, you can apply directly for a master’s program backing it up with a very good motivation letter and you can be among the lucky ones to gain admission to study. Try to make sure you apply to at least three universities/colleges to boost your chances of gaining admission to study in Canada.

All universities in Canada accept online applications; you can upload the required documents after creating your file online. Most Universities requires you to send your transcripts and reference letters from your university directly to the university you are applying to,  some universities also request for soft copies during the application and then come with the originals for registration when you are admitted. Have your credit card available at the time of application, you will have to pay a non-refundable application fee which varies between universities, and it ranges from $100 – $150. Some schools also accept bank transfers, make sure you confirm from the university to be sure if they do.

Also make sure you contact the universities you are applying to, if you have any questions.

Here are some list of universities in Canada with affordable tuition fees:

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador

Acadia University, Nova Scotia

University of Prince Edward Island, Prince Edward Island

Brandon University, Manitoba

University of Manitoba, Manitoba

University of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Concordia University of Edmonton, Alberta

University of Lethbridge, Alberta

Athabasca University, Alberta

University of Northern British Columbia, British Columbia

Vancouver Island University, British Columbia

University of Fraser Valley, British Columbia

Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia

University of King’s College, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia

University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick

York University, Ontario

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

McGill University, Quebec

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