Linda Ikeji Has Encouraging Words For People

Linda who recently launched her social network shared a video on YouTube on November 28, 2016, talking about depression and how to overcome.
According to her she once went through all that at a point in her life. ” Whatever it is that is weighing you down, making you hate life, making you hate yourself. I want you to know more than anything else that you will overcome this, ” she said in a video shared to YouTube.

“You will be fine. I promise you. God never gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes he gives us so much pain just to test us. What I want to say his hang in there, be strong for your family, you’ll be fine. I have been through it, so many people have been through it.

Everything seems ugly and gloomy, you don’t have that thirst for life. Everything seems dark, you can’t see the light, you can’t imagine being happy, there’s just so much pain in your heart. You can’t even cry. I have been through it trust me I have and I overcame. ”

And she definitely overcame! Recently Ikeji launched a social networking website called “Linda Ikeji Social .”

On the website, users will be able to interact with other users, follow other users, send messages, get a direct feed of Linda Ikeji’s blog, and post multimedia content as well.

Users will also be able to send in original articles – which Linda will pay for, along with access to an e-commerce bar and a wallet. Users with 50,000 followers or more will also get 20% of ad revenue from Linda.

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