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Lifestage Is Facebook’s Social Network For Teens

Facebook recently launched just another software to lure teenagers into thinking its products are cooler than SnapChat.

The new iOS app which is soon to be rolled out on Android, called Lifestage, is a kind of video diary where you answer biographical questions about yourself.

Instead of filling in answers with text, you record a small video snippet that others can view on your profile. Every time someone updates their page, it shows up in a feed prompting others to check it out. And the cliché part is that it’s only for under 21’s so if you’re 22 or older, you’ll only be able to see your own profile but you won’t be able to communicate with any other users.




The app was designed by 19-year-old wunderkind Michael Sayman, a Facebook product manager who tells TechCrunch that he wanted to replicate the ready-made virality of Facebook’s earliest days, when it was restricted to college students.

The app lets you select your school, but you won’t be able to see other users unless at least 20 people from the same school start using it.

It’s unclear exactly how the app will try and prevent older users from sneaking onboard. By it restricting you to only one school and not allowing you to change. It also appears to have liberal blocking and reporting features, to keep parents, creeps, and other unwanted outsiders from detracting you from the experience. Still, a teens-only social network justifiably raises some red flags.

We hope the handle, cyberbullies, abuse, harassment, and other violations properly.

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