Life Lessons

Last week taught me few lessons. Some were new, others were a reminder.

1. Don’t ever under price yourself. Don’t be desperate for something or someone that you lose worth of your true value.

2. Not every house is a destination, some houses are in fact routes to your deserved destination. It looks like it still isn’t it.

3. Hunger should make you a better negotiator. Don’t let people toy with your passion. Passion won’t feed you, your decisions will. Don’t be a slave to your passion.

4. If you focus, you’ll find who you need in the crowd. Don’t ever get carried away by premature eulogies. You don’t need more than one person at a time.

5. Be kind, beautiful, generous but remain mysterious. People will use you up when they know it all.

6. Your best excuse is still an excuse.

7. Don’t ever make a choice based on emotion. Get a million advice, it’s still your choice that floats. Let the reality of where you want to go and what you want to achieve help you decide.

What did you learn last week?

You have everything to live for, today.



Written by Femi Fragile


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