Let’s Keep Talking Till We Are Heard; #PlateauSpeaks

Let us all come together and spread the word to stop the killings in Plateau state, Nigeria. The time to speak for their PEACE and SECURITY is now. With one love in unity and one voice, let’s keep talking until we are heard. Bishop Benjamin Kwashi said “As a pastor, I have conducted more burials occasioned by attacks than weddings and naming ceremonies since 2001 in Plateau”.

By Dachung Bagos
We have spoken in different fora about the negligence and how the federal government is not sensitive towards the on going genocide on the Plateau.
The ongoing genocide has displaced many from their communities and establishing many IDPs camps across the state of which we have cried out to NEMA to come to our aid with no result.
Surprisingly, we heard that the first lady in her good will as a mother had sent a delegation to present relief materials to victims in IDPS camp.
My surprise is this:
In Plateau state we have displaced people across the state whom became displaced as a result of what happened in our villages in the state, the first lady’s delegation went to IDPS camp of people from the North East and ignored the IDPS in our various local governments. What then happen to our IDPS? Why the segregation? I expect all IDPS should be taken cared of, the Plateau issue has been there for long but the North East is receiving preferential attention even in our land.
Haba jama’a, we are also Nigerians we expect equal treatment.
Our IDPS are hungry and malnourished.

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