Let’s Keep Talking Till Something Is Done About The Killings In Plateau State

The Military has accused Borno state ELITES of working to sabotage its efforts in fighting Boko Haram in Borno State. 

Well, we have nothing to say now but we are counting on the military to start working as soon as possible to ensure that the killings on the Plateau, stopped. We pray that no elite or elder on the Plateau will later be accused by the military for not supporting its efforts.

As President Buhari said at the UN general assembly that, lack of political will has made the problem in NIgeria persist.
We call on our ELITES on the Plateau to rise to the challenge and stand against this daily killings, we want to hear them speak, their silence is worrisome, and the government can not do it alone.
We want to see our elites and elders come up with strategies and action plans to end this daily killings on the Plateau, not minding our tribes and religion.

As youths we want to be peaceful and work peacefully towards ending this killings but the silence and lack of political will of some elites and elders is becoming unbearable. we want to see our elites and elders united against this killings.
God help any elite or elder on the plateau of been accused of sabotaging the peace process for benefiting from the killings/IDP camps. 

Let us rise to the challenge as Plateau people and help ourselves and the future generation. We respect elders and we will continue to respect them. 

Let’s speak and share this till our elites and elders speak with one voice, united we stand.


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