Khloe Kardashian
This is a true story from a friend of mine, I have seen the results myself, no be joke o… Anyways, I am sure some girls are already working out on that butt to make; most especially guys look at that behind countless times whenever they walk pass, for some to gain self confidence about their body and for some other reasons best known to them. 
She did some research and also followed Khloe Kardashian workout activities and routines. All thanks to keeping up with the Kardashians reality TV show which made the family members a popular figure on social media and in most countries that are very exposed to the entertainment world. A lot of people still doubt the fact that Khloe’s butt is real without any surgery done to enhance it but she got it through working out relentlessly. For those of us who follow her on all her social media platforms, should be able to testify about her rigorous workout activities. Khloe said on twitter a few months back; ” I find it disgusting but maybe a compliment that I am being accused of getting lipo done. I work out 5 days a week. I bust my a**”. 
Now, back to my friend who is a wife and a mother of two, who started going to the gym and found out that she needed to add Cardio workouts and Squatting after doing a lot of research. Also, she has been a fervent follower of Khloe’s butt enlargement exercises and this helped her to speed up her progress to the point that her hubby was like Damn!!! Where did that a** came from???? And I was like, Girl, I’m hitting the gym right away. 
Now to my married sisters in the house, dont think having a hot butt is only meant for the single ladies and single ladies, don’t think that being lepacious is all you need to get your dream man. Even our mothers these days are very conscious of their body. They are concerned of how fat, how trendy, how sexy and how much attention they are getting from their husbands. Oh, are you surprised? Don’t be. Even grandmas want to still look hot and sexy. Lol. This is to say every woman out there wants to look good, attractive, admirable and get all possible attention from men. I know you agree with me that a firm, well rounded brazillian kinda butt will definitely give any woman all the attention she wants from men.

I know a lot of you would say, its not that easy. Yea, I know its not but its very achievable. All we need is that strong motivating factor to drive us and keep us in the process of achieveing the results we desire. 
I chose to write to this, to address the few women out there who are interested in enhancing their butt through a natural process by exercising and dieting. And for those who think that surgery is the only means, below is a picture to prove to you that the natural process really do work.  
She is almost there,,, *phew*

These days, you do not need a well equipped gym to get that killer butt you so much desire, even in the comfort of your home with access to the internet, you can jump on video tutorials on youtube, articles and apps you can download that would guide you through the various butt enhancement exercises. With thorough and absolute committment to these exercises, in no time you will begin to see that sexy killer butt you so much desire. And to all the babes faking it, you beta remove that butt pad, run to the gym and work your a** off. 
As for me, I am off to the gym now….

*winks* E.A.

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