Koko Zaria Picks Second Wife & She Is An Actress

Sigh! NURTW 2nd in command as far as Oshodi is concerned, Koko Zaria has picked a second wife in the person of an actress- Awele Odita. Awele has been dating Koko Zaria who is happily married with kids for some time now and his wife got to know she was pregnant in January and openly gave her a shoutout on IG. It generated a lot of comments, but that was only what the ‘pained-helpless’ woman could do. And now, her husband, Koko Zaria has confirmed their relationship on social media with Awele also singing his praise, calling him MY KING.

People that know Koko Zaria and his wife have said they are very disappointed in him, because they believed no woman could have come in between them with the way they love each other.  The shout out his wife gave Awele in January after the cut.




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