Insane World By Chidazzle Diaries,,,

Living in this world is meant for the brave hearts.. Sometimes u loose the zeal to smile; when you always have a reason to regret, when you are so pushed to the wall by the insane world we live in.
All you want to do is SHUT your eyes and imagine you never existed in such a place. When your heart beats at 130 per minute and you are always seen as a slave to your own existence. The minorities, the irrelevant, renders obedience to the upper class all in the name to survive the crazy world or go to hell. What is left to be done?….
One Word that comes to your mind is “VACATION”. Vacation from it all. Everything including your present down trodden self.
This maybe can save you from vacating the world in the worst possible way.. The insane world we live in.

From Chidazzle Diaries….## Angel Akuezuilo##Mrs.

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