**I DO** The Letter Words In Marriages.

When people say these strong letter words “I DO” they sometimes seem to forget what it really meant. For the men; it means throwing away all his boyish life style and becoming more responsible, it means taking a woman and solely becomes his responsibility, it also means deciding within himself he don’t wanna be a player no more and has found someone he could live his life for **Winks*…

For the women it goes a long way than just being a wife, you have chosen to carry responsibilities all through your life time, care for your husband, kids and family including external and internal. Women who decide to say I do have also thought about giving their personal lives away just to make a new one with the husband. Protection becomes the order of the day. A woman leaves her family and goes far and beyond to be with her husband. She bears all the trials and tribulations that comes with marriage, almost loosing her life giving birth to his babies, change her surname to his, everything she does becomes all about him and his family. 
Now let’s be clear and ask the question: Do we really need this? Is it really worth all of the stress? ONLY for the letter word “I DO”? Husband work twice as hard just to keep the family, take all the nagging of their wives, always thinking ahead and looking for ways to support everyone in the family..
Yet again I ask: Why do we go through all of this just to be with someone for the rest of lives? But the truth be told “”I DO” means accepting every good, bad and the ugly and learning just how not to only be an adult but be someone who learns to face the challenges, happiness and sadness that comes with Marriage… I DO really do mean a lot and not just a few letter letter words. So think hard before you decide to cross that path because there is no going back## except u cherish divorce.

From the stable of ##chidazzle Diaries## Angel Akuezuilo#Mrs.

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